Terms and Conditions

1. Reservation and Payment 

In order to rent apartment by the day in the centre of Kyiv you can choose and reserve any apartment on our Web site: apartmentrentalkiev.com (provided that it is vacant for this period of time) using the following options:

- to fill in special application from on Web site, rightwards from photos and description of each apartment,

- to make a call on mentioned phone numbers.

If you cannot choose apartment, please point out your requirements and we will select several alternatives for you:

- http://apartmentrentalkiev.com/contact/ 

- or e-mail: 2funtravel@gmail.com

Previous reservation is possible for apartment which will be rented for the period of 3 days.

If you reserve apartment for the period from 1 to 3 days, we cannot guarantee availability of this apartment. In such a case we can suggest you 2 variants:

- you pay deposit for one day and we guarantee allocation to apartment of the same level or higher in the same district and as close to required apartment as possible.

- you do not pay deposit and we do not guarantee apartment of the same level and class, but at the day of arrival we inform you on available apartments and their prices.

Apartment is considered to be reserved only after prepayment - deposit corresponding to one overnight stay in apartment. If you do not check-in for any reason, mentioned amount will not be returned to you.

Apartment remains reserved till 22.00 of the first paid day, unless otherwise agreed with manager.

During high season (summer, exhibitions, and international events) as well as holidays (New Year, Christmas, the Eighth of March, the First and the Second of May and so on) 50% or 100% prepayment is required, which is obligatory in order we could guarantee your allocation.

As soon as payment was received, apartment is considered to be reserved. Afterwards you will receive order confirmation, including apartment address and allocation instructions, via e-mail. For this purpose please inform us on time of your arrival and departure, contact phone number which will be active on the territory of Ukraine, and let us know on necessity of transfer from airport or railway station. (Transfer must be 100% previously paid).

Price for daily rented apartment does not depend on quantity of persons. But we would like to bring to notice: quantity of persons residing in apartment cannot exceed prescribed allowance. Quantity of sleeping accommodations can be viewed on photos or in apartment descriptions on our Web site.

Payment for apartment, with the deduction of reservation, shall be made in cash at the moment of check-in for the whole period of stay in advanced/in full.

Payment shall be made in USD, EUR and UAH in accordance with exchange rate of National Bank. 

If date of arrival is changed, it shall be considered as cancellation of apartment reservation, and prepayment for this apartment will not be returned. In this case previous reservation is cancelled and apartment shall be reserved for new dates.

Having received your prepayment, owner of apartment will refuse other clients in this apartment rent. If you do not arrive, owner will suffer losses, so prepayment shall not be returned for any reason.

If you want to check-out before previously agreed date, payment will not be returned.

At the day of your arrival, after payment, you will receive payment slip, in case of necessity you can sign rent contract with statement of all terms and conditions, address of apartment and contact phone numbers.

In case of any problems and questions contact us: +38 067 865 77 57 (mob), 599 07 09 (direct Kiev.s number of our office).

2. What is included to price of apartment in case of by the day rent?

- Bedding and kitchen utensils, towels

- Apartment service (cleaning) every 3 days

- Local city telephone 

- Electricity, hot and cold water, local telephone communication 

- Satellite TV,

- Internet Wi-Fi or cable (without computer),

- In case of request, you will receive free of charge map of our city in Russian and English. 

Additional services are not included to price (more frequent cleaning, laundry, cooking and so on).

What will we do if something in apartment goes wrong or is broken?

If something goes wrong or is broken we will immediately call serviceman. In the worst case, we work as hotel, and it means that if problem is not corrected, we will immediately resettle you to another apartment of the same level or even higher.

3. Security Deposit

Lessee shall be obliged to make security deposit.

Security deposit will be returned at the day of check-out, provided that property is unharmed and keys are returned.

Client shall be obliged to make security deposit (caution money) to ensure safety of property in apartment (deposit size depends on level of apartment and shall be agreed additionally). Mentioned deposit shall guarantee that after check-out apartment will in the same order as it was in the moment of check-in.

Generally, deposit equals to rent price for one day.

Deposit will be returned at the moment of check-out, at previously agreed time, after verification of apartment conditions and return of keys. Regular clients are released from deposit payment.

Penalty for loss of keys is equal to 50 EUR and more depending on price of lock.

4. Check-in and Check-out

Standard check-in time shall be 13.00 . 14.00, check-out time . 12.00. If you arrive earlier than 13.00, check-in reserved apartment is possible, if this apartment is vacant or being cleaned in your presence. Nevertheless, if you arrive early in the morning and you do not want to wait, you can reserve apartment for night preceding your arrival. If you would like to check-out later than 12:00, such possibility should be agreed with us separately and depends on a great deal of factors having influence on further rent of this apartment.

In any case, do not forget to inform us on check-in and check-out time in the process of apartment reservation.

It is very important to make sure beforehand that you have all information on exact place of location of apartment and contact phone numbers on the territory of Ukraine.

After check-in you shall be obliged:

- to observe silence in apartment after 22:00;

- not to smoke in apartment. Balcony is a place for smoking.

- not to dirt entrance and territory adjoining to house;

- not to disturb neighbors;

- carefully treat household and interior items of apartment;

- not to move furniture;

- not to store and use explosives and inflammable supplies;

- to stick to service regulations of electric and gas appliances as well as fire safety;

- not to organize shindigs and tablefuls.

- to perform no actions contrary to applicable legislation of Ukraine.

If you have animals, you should obligatory inform manager. We will do our best to allow you to stay with your beloved pets. In such a case price can be higher. If you do not inform us on animals, we have right to reject your rent without return of deposit.


If time of your presumable check-in is earlier than 13.00 (from 06.00 till 11.00), you should pay 50% of price for one day of apartment rent, if this apartment is not reserved for previous day. 

If you have ordered transfer from airport or railway station, our driver will meet you with your name plate nearby exit of airport terminal or nearby train carriage at railway station. Driver is not obliged to carry your luggage, so if you ask him to provide you with such service, do not forget to give him thanks.

Driver will give you a ride directly to apartment or our office where you can pay for a whole term of rent and execute all necessary documents as well as receive keys.

If you want to order transfer from airport or railway station, you should pay for it in advance.

If you do not order transfer, we will be waiting for your call from airport or railway station at least 45 minutes before your arrival to apartment. Our manager needs some time in order to get to apartment.

In such a case we will meet our guests near house where apartment is situated. 

If check-in time is changed, please let us know via telephone beforehand. 


Standard check-out time shall be 12.00. As agreed beforehand by the parties this time can be prolonged after 12.00 (extra charge).

Later check-out (before 18.00) will be possible, if half price of daily rent is additionally paid, after 18.00 . full price of daily rent is additionally paid, but only if this apartment is not reserved for this period of time.  

If you want to prolong term of rent, please discuss this with us beforehand. In such a case we can prolong rent of this apartment or resettle you into another apartment www.apartmentrentalkiev.com. 

The presence of our employee in apartment at the moment of your check-out shall be compulsory condition. Employee shall be obliged to verify apartment, accept keys and (if necessary) give you documents confirming provision of service (you must inform on necessity of corresponding documents during check-in procedure).

Review of apartment before arrival

You can look at all apartments only via our Web site. There you can find all available apartments (1 room, 2 rooms, 3 rooms and 4 rooms); each apartment has its own page with detailed description and photos.

We cannot show apartments to your representatives in Kyiv, as apartments are rented on the daily basis, and it is just impossible to show apartment, when other people are living there. We do really hope for your understanding of this situation. We take detailed photos of all apartments in order you could have a complete grasp of every apartment. 

5. Cancellation Policy

Apartment will be reserved for corresponding client immediately after receipt of prepayment. Reserved apartment will not be offered as vacant for rent within these dates. 

Reservation cancellation on the part of client (lessee) can be requested only via e-mail sent from address of client who reserved this apartment. Telephone notification on reservation cancellation shall not be valid.

Reservation cancellation shall cause losses to lessor. Mentioned losses depend on time remaining to scheduled check-in as well as season and holidays. 

Apartments: In case of reservation cancellation for more than one month prior to check-in date prepayment will be deducted partially in the rate of 50% (at 100% prepayment), 1 or 2 nights prepayment is not refundable. Prepayments which are made on holiday time (New Year, etc) are not refundable.

In case of reservation cancellation for less than one month prior to check-in date prepayment will be deducted completely.

Airport transfers: 50% will be charged in case of cancelation.

Train, Bus, Coach, Cruises and Internal Flight Tickets: the full amount will be payable once these tickets have been ordered.

Tours/Excursions/Activities: 1 month - 2 weeks notice -75% of the tour price will be deducted. Less than 2 weeks notice - 100% will be deducted.

Tours which is including hotels and/or transfers around Ukraine: in the event of any cancellation by any member of the group for whatever reason, our company unfortunately will not be able to offer any refund and the carriers / hotels will insist on full payment being made by the person / people cancelling. 

6. Force Majeure

In case of force majeure (accident in house, lack of water, heating, electric energy, court injunctions and so on) apartment will be replaced by identical apartment of the same class, location and price or even better.

If you have made prepayment, you will receive apartment selected by you. In case of force majeure (not depending on us) we will suggest you apartment of the same class or higher for the same price.

We insist that all clients booking with us have adequate and valid travel insurance for their journey. We reserve the right to change your accommodation or any other services supplied if there are reasons that are beyond our control.

7. Reservation Cancellation on the part of Company and Return of Deposit 

In case of reservation cancellation on the part of company and impossibility to provide apartment of the same or higher class, all monetary means paid by client will be returned. Company shall bear no additional responsibility in this respect. 

8. Rent Price

All prices on our Web site are stated in USD for 1 day of rent (for promotion purposes) and in Ukrainian currency for payment.

Rent price shall include all services and accommodations stated in description of every apartment as well as cleaning, change of bed-linen and towels 1 time per 3 days (in case of order for not less than 7 days) at your convenience. All other services shall be paid extra.

Please note that rent prices can be changed in the following cases:

* great quantity of overnight guests;

* holidays;

* high season;

* in case of rent for running events (marriage ceremony, birthday, corporate party and so on).

9. Change of rules and conditions 

www.apartmentrentalkiev.com shall also reserve right to introduce changes to information on Web site in any time, change prices, descriptions and photos, as well as introduce alterations to any clause of agreement, if such changes and alterations will be necessary and in favor of company. 

10. Confidentiality

All information transferred or provided to us will be kept in strict secret and used only with the purpose of reservation or further advertising and promotional offers to you in the name of our company.

11. Method of Payment for Reservation:

Cards VISA, Master Card 

Via bank international payment systems: Western Union, Moneygram, Unistream

Interbank SWIFT payment 

Payment in cash in our office in the city of Kyiv