Extra Service

Voucher/Invitation for visa to Ukraine.

Visa to Ukraine for nationals who need a visa to Ukraine.

We can supply you with all the documents you will need for getting visa if you need to apply for a Visa to enter Ukraine. Using this package of documents you will still have to apply to the Ukraine Embassy or Consulate in your country for the issue of a visa. Proof of hotel bookings will be also added to accompany your visa application.

We can supply you with visa documents with help of which you can apply for following types of visas:

  • Tourist visa invitation for entry into Ukraine (up to 30 days of staying)
    Processing time - 1-2 days. Please, see prices
  • Business multi-visa invitation for businessmen (up to 30 days of staying, up to 90 days of staying with the corridor of 90 days, up to 90 days of staying with the corridor of 180 days and up to 6 months of staying)
    Processing time - 3-5 days. Please, see prices

From you we will need following information:

  • copy of your passport
  • country and city of residence
  • dates of your staying in Ukraine
  • country where you will apply for visa

From us you will get following documents:

  • official tourist voucher
  • hotel confirmation
  • invitation from travel agency
  • travel license of travel company which is invited
  • tour program schedule (if necessary: for tourist visa)
  • insurance
  • copy of travel license of invited travel agency
  • copy of passport of director of travel agency (for business visa)

Please, see example of supplied documents (bellow)

  • Voucher
  • Invitation